• What We Do

    Developing powerfull and sustainable alternatives to classical therapeutics, Mercordi creates nutritional solutions that empower our customers in the worldwide livestock industry, veterinarians, farmers and feed manufacturers, to reach higher production levels and increase their financial gain.

All Mercordi products are developed in close collaboration with livestock producers worldwide, and therefore offer solutions to real and relevant problems.


We sell solutions, not products!


  • 25

    Define the challenge!

  • 50

    Look for solutions!

  • 75

    Develop the product!

  • 100

    Deliver the solution!

  • Mercordi’s Uniqueness

    • Our goal is to improve performances
    • 100% natural ingredients
    • Field- and laboratory approved

  • Mercordi’s Advantages

    • Optimal return on investment
    • No withdrawal time
    • Guaranteed results

We can also help you to achieve more!

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